Nolan Murphy

Homid Shadow Lord Ragabash, skate punk


Nolan Murphy is a bit taller than average and has the gracefully muscular build of a runner. Her pale ice-blue eyes are framed by thick dark lashes and her oval face is framed by shoulder length, silky straight, electric blue hair. She generally wears clothing of the punk variety, her favorite outfit being a black do-rag, her 20-hole fire-engine red Doc Martins or her black Converse One Stars, a tight t-shirt, and black fatigues. Nolan has loved skateboarding and sports as a physical outlet for her troubles for as long as she can remember. She also often skates in her soccer jersey, if she is at the skate park just after practice. She has recently abandoned both her scholarship and course work as a sophomore at New Gotham College. Her First Change and introduction into the world of the Supernatural changed all that.

Name: Nolan Murphy – War Name: Tough Cookie
Breed: Homid – Auspice: Ragabash – Tribe: Shadow Lord
Camp: – Nature: – Demeanor:
Pack Name: Alpha Strike – Pack Totem: Weasel
Concept: skate punk
ATTRIBUTES (xp lvl x4)
3 STR (5gla 7cri 6his 4lup) – 5 DEX (5gla 6cri 7his 7lup) – 4 STA (6gla 7cri 7his 6lup)
3 CHA (same) – 3 MAN (gla cri his lup) – 3 APP (gla cri his lup)
2 PER – 2 INT – 3 WIT
ABILITIES (xp lvl x2)
3 Alertness, 3 Athletics, 2 Brawl, 3 Dodge, 2 Empathy, – Expression, – Intimidation, 2 Primal-Urge, 1 Streetwise, 3 Subterfuge
- Animal Ken , – Crafts, 2 Drive, – Etiquette, 1 Firearms, 2 Leadership, 1 Melee, – Performance, 3 Stealth, 1 Survival
- Computer, 1 Enigmas, 1 Investigation, – Law, – Linguistics, 1 Medicine, 2 Occult, – Politics, 1 Rituals, – Science
3 Purebreed, 2 Resources, 3 Totem
GIFTS (xp lvl x3)
Persuasion; Blur o/t Milky Eye; Fatal Flaw
2 RAGE (xp lvl x1)
2 GNOSIS (xp lvl x2)

RANK: Cliath

Flaws: No partial transformation; Mark of the predator; Forced, Frenzy, Hispo

*Blade (Homid Cliath Silver Fang Theurge)
*Frank (Homid Cliath Glass Walker Philodox)

Homid, 5’10”, 150 lbs; Glabro, 6’5”, 310 lbs; Crinos, 9’, 700 lbs; Hispo, 5’6” at shoulder, 700 lbs; Lupus, 2’4” at shoulder, 120 lbs.

Character XP Worksheet:
*15 Freebies Total / 15 Used
*22 XP Earned / ?? XP Spent



Father, Patrick Murphy, age 45. Blue eyes, dark hair heavily peppered with gray. Tall and muscular, leaning towards paunchy. When his wife left, he started drinking heavily. He currently still has a job, but things are uncertain.

Mother, Anne Murphy, age 40. Hazel eyes and golden blond hair. Petite and slender. Married Patrick when she was 17. Came and went throughout their marriage because of her job, but left for good six years ago.

Devin, age 22. Blue eyes, golden blond hair. Tall and slender. Pre-law student at the college in New Gotham. Has some limited contact with their mother, and recently told Nolan that their mother wants to see Nolan and Cait, too.

Nolan, age 20 (Jay’s character) Pale blue eyes, naturally dark hair dyed electric blue. Tall, with the grace and muscles of an athlete. Recent college drop-out. Recently first changed.

Braden, age 16. Hazel eyes, dark brown hair. Small and wiry, but likely to grow taller. Ran away from home four months ago. No one has heard from him yet.

Cait, age 13. Blue eyes, dark brown hair. Petite and slender. Fair skin and freckles. Still living with her father. Has discovered a whole new world in books, and has turned her bedroom into her sanctuary. With a lock on the door.

Nolan’s Prelude

Nolan Murphy

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