Mirela Argentari

Gypsy, Fortune-teller



  • STR d4
  • AGI d4
  • VIT d6
  • ALE d10
  • INT d8
  • WIL d10

Derived Traits:

  • Life Points: 16
  • Initiative: d4 + d10


  • d4 Athletics
  • d6 Covert
    • d8 Stealth
    • d8 Streetwise
  • d4 Discipline
  • d6 Guns
  • d6 Influence
    • d10 Conversation
    • d8 Persuasion
    • d8 Seduction
  • d4 Linguistics: Rom
  • d6 Melee (knife)
  • d6 Perception
    • d8 Deduction
    • d10 Empathy
    • d10 Intuition
  • d6 Performance
    • d8 Bluff
    • d8 Dance

Credo (Minor +2): The Carney Code
Loyal (Minor +2): to the crew
Traumatic Flashes (Minor +2)
Phobia, Needles (Minor +2)
Phobia, Prison (Major +4)

Allure (Major -4): +2 Step bonus on any roll based off appearance.
Cortex Ghost (Minor -2)
Reader (Major -4): +4 Step attribute bonus when observing someone (empathy/intuition related)
Trustworthy Gut (Minor -2)


Carnival fortune-teller. Sometimes the fortunes are eerily accurate. Other times, she keeps the truth to herself. Her secret? She’s a natural empath and psi-talent. She sometimes experiences visions of the future, never predictable, in vague flashes at times and with gut-wrenching graphic accuracy at others.

Long blue-black hair, thick and wavy. Eyes so dark they appear black, framed by long, thick lashes. Olive skin. Tall, with a beautiful body, and dresses like she knows it (which she does). Her expression is usually serene, but she does have a temper that flares occasionally. She loves and hates with equal intensity, and is fierce in her loyalties.

Mirela was born on the Valencia Sol, a transport owned by a compania of gypsies. She had a fairly care-free childhood as the group traveled from settlement to settlement, staying for days or weeks depending on the welcome by the locals.

Her parents could tell very early on that their daughter was special and had the same insights to the human heart that her maternal grandmother had. Mirela’s older brother Andrzej and sister Tsura picked up on this as well, and as they grew up, they attempted to shelter their little sister from the harsh realities of the evils that people are capable of. However, her parents were more realistic and knew the innocence would be shattered, so they encouraged the young girl to explore and reach out to people.

Mirela learned a lot about people. She also learned that in general, people liked her and usually meant her no harm, in spite of what they may be capable of towards others. Her mother warned Mirela to never talk about her talent of seeing people’s inner hearts, that it made people uncomfortable and dangerous. However, her mother, wanting her daughter to contribute to the compania’s funds, taught Mirela to use her gifts to tell “fortunes” with tarot cards, tea leaves and crystal balls, teaching her to be dramatic and mysterious and to use gypsy theatrics to cover for her actual insights into people.

When she was 19, the gypsies had landed on (planet), and planned on staying there for a whole season. Mirela met her first love, a local boy named Nick Legarde who loved her in return. She also had a friendly acquaintance with Lorene Arrons, a local girl who often came to the gypsy camp to visit and have her fortune told. One evening during festivities and dance, Mirela had to go attend to some family matters and introduced Lorene to Nick so they could keep each other company and she left to tend to business.

Unfortunately for Mirela, Lorene decided she wanted Nick. Even more unfortunately for Mirela, his love for her wasn’t strong enough to deny the power and wealth of the family of the girl that wanted him. When Mirela found out, she was at turns both devastatingly heart-broken and homicidally livid. Lorene, completely blind in her selfishness, didn’t realize that Mirela knew and came to the camp one day, only to be challenged to a fight by Mirela.

They faced each other across the camp, each of them with a knife in hand (Lorene had been obligingly provided with a knife by the gypsies, of course). Just as the fight was to begin, they were interrupted by the police, who had been led there by Nick. Mirela was arrested and tossed into jail to await trial.

During the trial, Nick testified against Mirela, who sank into total despair. They kept her in jail for just over a year, when for the first time since her meeting with Lorene, her fortune took a turn for the better. Her defense lawyer was able to get the judgment overturned due to a technicality and Mirela was freed.

Her family had disappeared from (planet). She was able to discover that her brother had been killed in a fight trying to get his youngest sister back. Shortly after his death the gypsies were run off by the locals led by Nick and his fiancĂ©e’s family, as they got rid of the “undesirable element” that plagued their community.

She left (planet) with Prospero’s Pandemonium. She hasn’t seen her lover since, and has not allowed herself to love again.

Mihai Argentari (father) whereabouts unknown, presumed dead
Yozefa Argentari (mother) whereabouts unknown, presumed dead
Andrzej Argentari (brother) DECEASED
Tsura Argentari (sister) whereabouts unknown, presumed dead

Other notes:
I need to justify her fear of needles. Her traumatic flashbacks are from her time in jail. It wasn’t pretty.

Mirela Argentari

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