Giovanni Buonaugurio

Veteran, engineer


Public Info

  • He’s a really good mechanic
  • He’s likely a vet (but can’t be sure as he never talks about it)
  • Likes mechanical things. Always carries around gadgets he’s tinkered with.
  • Excellent violinist and knows music theory as well.
  • Doesn’t seem to “get” people, seems more comfortable around machines
  • Sometimes wakes up at night in a cold sweat, his trigger finger twitches when he sleeps
  • Sometimes zones off for long periods of time just staring at the wall or whatever
  • Sometimes is found with watery or red eyes, as if he had been crying or just finished. Usually in the morning when he wakes up (bad night) or after one of those periods of zoning off staring at something for a long time.

Odds and Ends: Pretty much none of this has been revealed in-game yet.

My notes

  • Why does the ghost bother him so much?
    • He was the direct and indirect cause of a whole lot of death during the war. The idea that the spirits of them that die don’t rest easy is utterly terrifying to JB.
  • Parents?
    • As far as he knows, mom and dad were alive when he left. Father “Giancarlo” and Mother “Elena” (maiden name Morosini). He has not been home since the war ended. Though the family knows he’s alive, or was, as of a few years ago.
    • Giancarlo his dad is something of an accountant/peace-time consigliere for the Morosini family. Basically, he’s in charge of buying stuff for the family … so it’s from his Dad that JB learned his tight fisted money spending habits (Stingy complication)

Explanation of his Assets and Complications

  • No Sense of Smell/Taste
    • During the war a chemical attack struck his unit’s position. His personal chemical equipment/suit was faulty and, though he was able to get to an APC and get out of the exposed area in time to not die, the chemicals burned his sinuses pretty badly. He hasn’t tasted anything since that day, but he remembers a few things from when he was a boy. This is one area where he really, really hates the the war (and somewhat the browncoats too)… they took away his ability to enjoy food and drink or smell flowers or perfume.
  • Social Problem/Callous
    • He suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD – pronounced “pits-dee”). During the war, the Engineering Corps was responsible for building area denial defense works (ie “these things kill lots of people and convince you that you don’t want to go this way”) among other things. He’s seen so many mangled bodies it just doesn’t phase him anymore. In civilian life, most people’s problems are just so absurdly insignificant that they don’t register on his radar (classic PTSD – “Unless it’s life and death, it doesn’t matter.”). This manifests itself as an almost anti-social disregard for people’s feelings.
    • Because of his PTSD his emotions are pretty “level” (example, for Psi readers). He doesn’t have many highs or lows. One kinda creepy aspect is that he just doesn’t see most people as people. Nothing personal, it’s just that only people he knows are “people” – everybody else is barely a blip on the radar.
  • Friends in High Places
    • Many of the places he served as a Captain and Major were around the Core worlds and positions that faced potential browncoat attack. It’s amazing how many of the wealthy want to schmooze with the Officer responsible for building the defense systems that save their overly perfumed, custom clothing covered, and synthetically tanned hides.
  • Appearance (both Allure as well as Memorable)
    • JB is attractive, not quite male-supermodel attractive, but he’s good looking. He was the logical Officer to send into the Core worlds… what he lacked in social graces was made up for with his skills in engineering and his looks (which helped the diplomatic side).
    • His most distinctive features are his eyes, they almost glow they’re so blue (General Stonewall Jackson was called “Old Blue Light” because of his eyes, this is where I got the idea). Also, because of the PTSD he’s got that “thousand yard stare” so a lot of people remember his eyes because they typically have that hollow “dead” stare that combat vets have. That’s why his eyes are memorable, both the color and the “effect” they give to people that look at them.
  • Military Rank
    • During the war he went from 2nd lieutenant (college graduate mustered into service as an Engineer within days of the outbreak of the war) to Captain serving with forward deployed units. His last year or so in the war was served as a Major (still in the field but behind the front lines a bit) and was responsible for the design … not just building. Chances are very good that had he decided to remain in the service after the war, the “automatic promotion” that comes with re-enlistment would have made him a Lieutenant Colonel (especially thanks to his “Friends in High Places”).
  • Mechanical Empathy and Nose for Trouble
    • Both of these were well used in the war, especially when he was a Captain in the forward deployed combat engineering units. He had an uncanny ability to know where to put the emplacements and where the browncoats were going to come/attack/assault. He could keep equipment running long after it should have failed and he always had a nose for knowing where a part was about to give out. He kept a lot of purple bellies alive and was the indirect reason a lot of browncoats never made it home. War is hell.
  • Stingy
    • He was stingy even before the war, but after a few supply line shortages, destroyed transports, captured supply shipments, etc. you learn to not waste anything you might need later. It’s amazing how many people can die because you wasted a crate of something you never even think about in civilian life or peace time.
  • Loyal
    • He’s always been loyal. He signed up for the war as soon as it broke out and fought for his homeland (Alliance). After the war, he became a wanderer and his Loyalties transferred to a new “company” (the travelling circus), now it’s the crew of the Clementine.

Backstory Odds and Ends

  • In the service, in boot camp he was called “Alphabet” because his last name was so hard to say.
  • All his peers (fellow Officers) called him “Joe” or “JB” except those that were with him in boot camp (who called him “Alphabet” or “Alfie” for short)
  • Most people mispronounced his name as “Major bon-a-GUR-ee-oh” which he never bothered to correct (waste of time).
    • The men of his unit and best subordinate units would get away with calling him “Cap’n B” or “Major B” in the field (never away from the front though, or formal situations).

New Venice on Bellerophon
His homeworld is Bellerophon (the Alliance moon)

  • Bellerophon Estates is the major floating city (from the TV series, episode “Trash”) and the bigger one. It’s where the rich and la-de-da of the Alliance live in comfort and luxury. It’s the more famous floating city.
  • One of the other major floating cities there is mainly Italian descendants, it’s called The New Venetian (but everyone from there calls it The Venetian or New Venice). Also rich, but very, very different.
    • I got the idea from The Venetian hotel and casino in Las Vegas. Basically, that casino is like “Italy in a single building” so I figured it might work for something as self contained as a floating city. Except of course the floating city is like the vegas casino writ large.

New Venice
Jeff if this is ok with you I came up with some names and some backstory stuff that might be interesting. I basically took the idea that, since Trash was about a guy that collected Earth That Was artifacts… maybe most of the people on the world are a little “nuts” about Earth That Was -isms.

  • The first thing to know about New Venice is that, although it’s officially an Alliance moon and they’re loyal alliance citizens… inside the city it’s a complex and hierarchical structure. Basically… the entire city is divided up into neighborhoods. Each neighborhood is run by a leading family. Everybody treats these noble families like local lords. Feuds are kept quiet… think Romeo and Juliet, The Merchant of Venice, The Godfather…take your pick.
  • All of the political infighting is for the position of Doge. Basically, that’s the leading man/woman that’s in charge of the entire floating city and the official representative to the Alliance. The Doge has only ever come from a handful of families, and an even smaller number have ever put up more than one Doge.
    • The “Greatest” families of New Venice have produced many, many Doges and are provided here.
    • The “Great Houses” all have colors that are associated with them. These are heraldric liveries brought forward to the modern day like “gang colors.” Lesser houses often show traditional affiliation with a greater house by their choice of colors combined with another color (stripes, bars, halves, etc. etc. just like shields).

The Leading Families of New Venice (these are some of the REAL noble families of old Venice, I recycled the names)

  • The Great Houses
    • Mocenigo – The current head family and the one of which the current Doge is a member.
      • The Whites (or Silver)
    • Contarini – The number 2 family. If you need a Montagues and Capulets… these are them.
      • The Yellows (or Gold)
    • Morosini
      • The Blacks
    • Candiano
      • The Greens
    • Loredano
      • The Blues
    • Orseolo
      • The Oranges
  • The Grand Houses (socially just under the Great Houses)
    • Gradenigo – The most powerful of the Grand Houses, rankles at not being considered a Great House
      • The Reds
    • Grimani
      • The Purples
    • Faliero
    • Partecipazio
    • Priulo
    • Tiepolo
    • Venirero
  • Powerful Families (I just provided these as an assortment of random family names of powerful families from Venice. All of these produced at least 2 Doges for Venice.)
    • Barbarigo
    • Centurioni
    • Cornari
    • Dandolo
    • Donato
    • Foscari
    • Galbaio
    • Malipiero
    • Michiel
    • Orso
    • Valiero
    • Ziani

I see JB’s family (the Buonaugurio) as being “vassals” of the Morosini. mainly because my Scarborough Faire “italian” persona is a Venetian named Morosini.

Calcio (soccer)
Also, because I want a reason for why JB is in to soccer. Basically, in New Venice, football has become a surrogate for war/street fighting/open feuding. All the families have football jersies and stuff like that (i.e. a subtle way to show heraldry/gang colors). There are a few major rivalries of course.

  • The biggest rivalry games almost always result in “civil brawls” as the animosities bubble over.
  • You don’t have to be a member of a family to play for the House team, but usually they ARE members of the House in some way (vassals, etc.)
  • Of course, there’s still murder and political backstabbing and infighting and smuggling and all that over stuff too.. but “open warfare” in the streets these days doesn’t happen much. They’re too civilized for that. Football (and rioting fans) serves as the surrogate for that.
  • All the games are played at the “Il Stadio San Marco” (“the Stadium of Saint Mark” think Roman Coliseum meets an NFL stadium meets convention center), games between the various House Teams are scheduled accordingly throughout the year.
    • Saint Mark was the Patron Saint of Venice back on old Earth That Was
    • There’s the First Division – the top 20 teams. The worst 3 teams in the First Division are relegated to the Second Division the next year.
    • There’s the Second Division – everybody else, they don’t play at the Stadium. They play on local house practice fields and stuff. The top 3 teams from the second division are promoted to the First Division the next year. The championship game fo the Second Division is played at the Saint Mark Stadium.
  • Money – Whoever is the Doge, his family gets a percentage of the ticket sales, food, advertising, and merchandising from the stadium for the entire time he’s the Doge… that’s big money. Theoretically the money is used by the Dode to maintain the stadium and provide security.
    • The rest of the profits are divided among the first division teams (that did not get relegated) based on how well they played during the year (their rankings on the tables). Obviously, the champion team gets the most money.
      • Roughly half a percent per “share”
        • Shares: Doge (8/4%), Champion (30/15%), #2 (20/10%), #3-17 (15 to #3 on down to 1 share for #17)
  • Rivalry Games
    • These are the games that generate the most sales and are the most likely to result in civil disturbances
    • The Money Game (between the Silvers and the Golds) – Mocenigo v. Contarini
      • Aggies vs Longhorns, Cowboys v Redskins, Celtic v Rangers, take your pick. This is the big game.
    • Any game involving a Great House and the Gradenigo
    • The Old Bruise – Morosini v Loredano (the Blacks v the Blues)
    • The Bonfire – Contarino v Orseolo (the Yellows v the Oranges)

Just some ideas for landmarks around the floating city. Venice, meets The Venetian Hotel/Casino, meets Naboo…

  • Sector Prime
    • The Cultural District (the Doge’s Palace, the Grand Piazza, St. Mark’s Cathedral, the Opera House, the University and a few other landmarks like the Museums and art/sculpture gardens – these all form the heart of the floating city)
    • The Doge’s Palace (think “Royal Palace of Naboo” from Star Wars)
    • The Grand Piazza (“park”, like the mall in Washington DC – political rallies and stuff)
    • The Cathedral of Saint Mark (one of the remaining Catholic bastions in the ’verse)
    • The Opera House (think 5th Element or Godfather 3.) picture of the venice opera house, the Doge’s balcony
    • The University (the main central place of higher learning, once part of the Doge’s Palace’s estate, it’s basically down the street.)
  • Sector 3
    • St. Mark’s Stadium (removed from the Cultural District by a few blocks to try and minimize damage to the Cultural District due to riots/problems)
    • The Run (bars, hotels, casinos/gambling halls, brothels, triplex’s and other forms of entertainment around the Stadium that caters to the fans)
  • All over
    • The Great Houses (big mansions in prime real estate belonging to the wealthy families and well-to-do, designed to out-do each other’s families in beauty and promenance. “Keeping up with the Jones’s” between millionaire families.)
    • The Falls (water is pumped up from the ocean, used to provide the city with canals and water, and then falls back to the planet in big beautiful waterfalls in various places… bodies get dumped via the falls too.)
  • Murano
    • A vacation resort on the surface of the world. Basically like taking a vacation in Tahiti or Cabo or some other “vacation spot for the rich” – Murano is owned and run by the Mocenigo family. Lesser resorts are owned and run by other families, but Murano is the most famous and most exclusive.

Odd Stuff

  • Winged Lions everywhere (apparently the symbol of the city or something) picture
  • Graves and Tombs (not everyone and everything is incinerated and tossed in the sea or the desert canyons), some of the extremely wealthy are buried in family tombs that are literally attached to the sides of buildings. These graves face the summer sun and work like tombs in New Orleans (they basically cook down the remains into ash so that the tomb can be reused). picture
  • Carnival – the festival of carnival is alive and well picture
  • “Family Homes” are actually more like family apartment complexes. Land is expensive, so as population grows in the floating city, people emmigrate or they add on to the family compound. picture
  • Like other places on Bellerophon, just about everything is shipped to this planet. (The merchants of Venice wouldn’t have it any other way). It produces very little of its own resources. However, New Venice has more industry, than say The Bellerophon Estates does.
  • Sea Food (it’s a water world after all)
  • They eat a lot of sea food, breads & pasta (grown from hydroponic wheat), and hydroponic vegetables in New Venice. They import a lot of dairy raw materials to produce outstanding local cheeses.
  • The most bizarre “pure local” product are the whale Cheeses (made from sea mammal milk, whales are the only native mammals to a water world/moon that produce milk in any great quantity). The euphamism is that “local” cheeses are made from the whale dairy products. So you have “Mozarella” (real) made from imported dairy raw materials… and “local Mozarella” which tastes slightly different (artificial flavors/colors and stuff are added to try and make it taste as close as possible).
  • The also cook with “olive oil” (expensive import or grown hydroponically) or “local olive oil” made from artificially colored/flavoured whale blubber

Other Products FROM New Venice
So what do the Merchants of New Venice “sell” to the ’verse at large? Well, live on a world with rich folks, you get products that rich folks use.

  • Perfume – The whale ambergris is used to make some of the most expensive and highly sought after perfumes in the ’verse.
  • Spermaceti – Also from the whales, used in the highest end cosmetics
  • Baleen & Whale bone – high end fashion accessories (custom avant garde corsetry, etc.), combs, expensive relief carvings and home decor, etc.
  • Glassware – like venice from Earth that was, the desert sands of Bellerophon are used to produce amazing glass and crystalware for sale to the discriminating elites of the ’verse
  • Marbled fabric (and paper) products (Picture) – Carrageenan is used in the process of marbling fabric and paper, thus these high end fashion fabrics are created here from imported fabrics and then re-exported to be used by the rich that can afford them (like fashion houses, designers, and the idle rich). The poor use printed/silk-screen fabric that approximates true marbled fabric.
    • Finished clothing using marbled fabric, from Venetian tailors – mainly women’s clothing
  • Vacation Packages – Vacations for the rich to a water world with nothing but water and beaches and luxury goods and wealthy people… movie stars, sports stars, politicians, etc.
  • Carrageenan – (a major export that is used by more than just the rich) The best ice creams, sauces, desserts, and candies in the ’verse cannot be made without carrageenan which is a “jelly” derived from sea algae. Oh sure, you can use synthetic carrageenan, but you can taste the difference.
    • Other products that use carrageenan: beer, processed meat (spam), toothpaste, fire fighting foam, shampoo, air freshener gel, shoe polish, biology labs (the gel you suspend stuff in to grow it), pharmaceuticals, diet sodas
  • Industrial Silicone – The most “blue collar” of the exports of Bellerophon. Under the seas is a lot of silicone dioxide. Bellerophon isn’t the most ideal planet for this kind of industry (desert worlds are better) and as such, this is an extremely minor industry for the planet.

(If somebody checks his room, oh like a curious little girl, these are in a little box, along with a bullet ridden and torn alliance flag. His old uniform is in a different box.)

  • “Soldier’s Medal”
    • Whatever the Alliance equivalent of the Soldier’s medal is, highest non-combat award for services to the military (he was an excellent engineer involved in planetary defenses).
  • “Bronze Star”
    • Pretty much anybody that’s seen action in a campaign that wins gets a Bronze Star, especially if you were in the thick of the fighting. If figure he’s got 2 of these.
  • “Purple Hearts”
    • As a combat engineer, one of their duties is to remove improvised explosive devices (bomb squad) (I figure browncoats, lacking the vast resources of the alliance would be much more likely to use IEDs). JB has been blown up, and survived, twice. The first bomb was a faulty detonator and the second one was faulty explosive materials. In both cases he was awarded the Alliance equivalent of a “Purple Heart” and his legs, butt, and abdomen still have small shrapnel scars from them.
      • One piece of shrapnel he kept, it’s a fairly jagged chunk, encased in acrylic and hung on a chain. He made it from a chunk of shrapnel that barely missed his femoral artery.
    • The chemical attack that took away his ability to smell and taste is his 3rd purple heart
  • “Meritorious Service”
    • Again, another high non-combat award given to guys that peripherally help the combat troops, like combat engineers
  • “Army Commendation Medal”
    • For sustained meritorious service (he served with good units all through the entire war)
  • “Defense Medal”
    • The one they give to anybody that served during a national emergency, like war
  • “Good Conduct Medal”
    • Another one of those they give to just about anybody. Basically, he didn’t buck the system.
  • Unit Awards
    • “Meritorious Unit Award”
    • “Superior Unit Award”
      • He ran an outstanding unit that did a lot of good during the war.
  • Campaign Ribbons
    • He’ll have a campaign ribbon for just about any major battle or campaign that involved the corps of Engineers. I’ll leave this to Jeff to decide. If the War lasted 5 years, I’m thinking he’d have about 6 or so.
    • The biggest one will of course be the “Victory Medal” – the one they gave out when the war ended
    • Named
      • Campaign: New Kashmir, Boros, Hera
      • Battles: Sturges, (?to be named?), Du-Khang, Serenity Valley
  • “Service Ribbon”
    • Again, another one of those, “if you served you got one” ribbons.
  • Other stuff in the box
    • Combat Engineer Badge – The engineering corps equivalent of the Combat Infantry Badge. All it means is that he saw combat.
    • Marksman Qualification Badges: Pistol, Rifle – The one you get if you know how to shoot coming out of basic
    • Major rank collar device (and epaulettes if the Alliance uses those)
    • Unit patch (the unit symbol of whatever his unit was, I was thinking a bee or a beehive – “engineers are busy bees and build stuff”)

Why He Fought
Mainly he fought for the Alliance because Bellerophon and most of the people on his world supported Unification. He went where his people went. (Loyalty Complication)

What his view of the Independents was “then”

  • Education – no effective system of education, some worlds were completely backwards and illiteracy was not only present, but high in some places
  • Medicine – people continued to die regularly from a lack of basic preventative medications. Infant mortality was higher, diseases went undiagnosed, uncured, and spread often uncontrollably because there was no effective system of communication or even medicine disbursement
    • The life expectancy out on the rim was very low, both due to violence but also because of a lack of advanced medicine to ensure long and quality lifespans.
  • Technology – The core advanced steadily in science and technology, the rim was horribly behind. Lacking basic personal electronics or even daily “standard of living” amenities.
  • Government – The strong, the wealthy, the lucky were in power and dictated to generally uneducated, ignorant, hard working, yet moral and forthright people. Representative government was almost non-existant (Even in New Venice, the families all had a voice with the Doge and the Doge had a voice in government of Bellerophon).
  • The Soldiers – They were misled by their leaders. They fought for “freedom” and to ensure a system that would perpetrate an imbalanced system of near-anarchy. The common soldier fought to preserve the money, positions, and lifestyle of those that “ran” the rim world planets. Effectively, they fought to ensure their own slavery and lack of representation in the government. They were valiant, but misguided, fools.

He believed in Unification. To bring the light of science, the benefits of medicine, and the boons of infrastructure, commerce, and education to the people of the rim worlds. That “no child should die of a preventable disease” again. (a propaganda poster from the war years)

What his view of the Independents is “now”

  • His view on the Independent Soldier is unchanged, they were misguided fools. His view on why he fought is unchanged, he still believed in Unification.
  • The fundamental difference now versus then is… at last he understands the wild beauty of freedom. The ability to go where you want, do what you want, say what you want, and be who you want to be.
    • There’s something primal and appealing about being directly responsible for your own destiny.
    • He understands why people would fight and die to preserve their free independence.
  • He also has learned over time, after the war, that the Alliance Government is corrupt. “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”
    • His zeal for the government of the Alliance has cooled, even though he still believes in the principles upon which it is founded.

Similar to Mal, “May have been the winning side; not convinced it was the right one.”

On his Homeworld, he was trained by a violin master in musical theory and his instrument. This was because, as a child, the mechanical precision of musical notes and harmonics really appealed to him.

  • Sound dynamics, wave theory, and accoustic science was an early hobby.

His doting parents indulged him, and when he moved on to other forms of engineering and mechanics they readily sought to support his new interests (being the politically correct and supportive parents that they were with more money than time to spend on the child).

  • Though he never continued the academic study of the violin under mentor, or sought to become a professional… he never stopped playing it either. During the war, playing the violin was some of the only “peace” he found, of course the men of the engineering units and infantry units stationed nearby also remember it.
    • One of his favorite memories of the war, one of the few “good ones” was during the first year of the war during a holiday when both sides stopped killing each other for one day (i’m stealing the idea from WW1’s Christmas Truce ). It was after several days of rain, the sun came out and everything seemed normal again. For whatever reason, nobody felt like killing each other.
    • That day, he played music and men and women sang and there was a fellowship of soldiers. One lovely day in the rain that stands out like a clear, pure memory… he could smell back then. He remembers the purfume of a of a pretty browncoat sergeant that wafted across on the breeze. Then, the next day, a browncoat assault was ordered and the fields were churned into bloody mud, JB assumed the sergeant died. The war turned savage after that, civilized days like this never came along again.

Giovanni Buonaugurio

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