Serenity PP 006


At the dinner table that evening, Travis spills the beans. Clementine is still around. The group is at a loss as to what to do next with her. Mirela figures that first order of business is to find out if Clem knows she’s dead or not. If nothing has changed, then go from there. Also, the group discusses what to do and where to go next. For lack of a plan, they register a flight path to Ariel and then go to Paquin instead (red herring).

The Prof discovers that all the information he wrote in his personal data pad about the Cambridges (i.e. their reason for leaving and their names) has been erased from his notes. He decides to do a few “tests.” He enters some random information and inserts their names to see what happens. He also writes their information on a piece of paper to see what happens. The next day, all of the Prof’s info is still there….

The group sends a message to Mr. Universe: “Learned things. Now what? -Clementine” JB beams the message directly to a planet he thinks that Mr Universe may have access to…

A while later, the response comes in: “We still have trust issues. Tell me what you know about Natalie.”

The group responds: “Cambridge. Richard Willheidt III Academy. (year). An artist’s eye. Died (date). Leukemia.” They also attach a video that the Prof took of her ghost and send the response to the return address of the wave.

“We should meet.” Mr Universe gives us a location and picture – a painting that looks like one of Clem’s, similar to the park where her boy kissed her. The location is on a moon being terraformed. The group decides to pick up a job or two on the way.

First stop is on Paquin, to find out if any info is out and about on them. The group also alerts their carnie friends that they have the heat on them (but no specifics). If they’ve heard anything or if they hear anything they’re to let the group know. The Prof checks with his people, and Mirela checks with hers. JB does repairs etc for cred. Travis and the Marksman go look for fights to bet on.

The Prof runs into Mr Gekko (of Prospero’s Freakshow) who tells the Prof that Valentine is looking for them. He was just looking for information on the group’s where abouts but Gekko told him that they parted ways so he had no idea. Valentine told Gekko that he was working with the group and the group owed him a cut.

Week passes and more weird stuff happens to the Prof’s data so he tells JB, who sets the Prof up with a computer that’s not attached to the cortex & to use his old machine on the cortex for searches but to never hook up the one computer online. Switch all data via a jump drive. They discover certain info disappears off both computers, but it never disappears off the jump drive. So JB wipes one of the computers and trades it for a new one and tells the Prof to only put data on it. The Prof does and takes the computer off the ship.

Oh, yeah! Robbie has started drawing. Pictures of cats….

Mirela and Ariel also spend a LOT of time with the gypsies. Ariel picks up traits of gypsy fashion and gypsy music. Whee!

The Prof’s data still gets corrupted and erased – all the references that are in context to the Cambridges. They deduce that the data wipe is imbedded in the OS (they F-disked and reformatted the computer and then installed a brand new OS and the data still disappeared).

The Prof decides to do yearbook searches for pictures with no names. He sets the query up and lets it search. Stuff turns up. Mr Universe is one of them. And a black kid. And a few others…. six or so. One of them is a kid Mirela met once while a child herself on Paquin between jobs. It was a gypsy boy she met only once, and connected with him – he was “special” to his compania in the exact same sense she was. She had heard later through the grapevine that he had disappeared.

Ariel has almost finished Robbie’s song. It is turning into a masterpiece ala Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.

Mirela and the Prof also put a carnie hit on Valentine because of what he did to Prospero’s Pandemonium and its people. Gypsy vendetta. Mirela definitely hates Valentine.

The group heads off Paquin and to the meeting with Mr Universe. However, on the way there, they get a message from him: “They’re on to you. Don’t lead them to me. Gray knows the name of your ship. Follow the paper and lay low.”

JB comes up with an idea to change out the ship’s transponder with another Firefly class ship, so they go to Belladonna and make the swap. The official name of the Clementine is now The Zephyr.

The plan is now to head back to the core to “follow the paper” – they’re going to Sihnon.


The group heads to the core. They stop off at Ezra to pick up some cargo to drop off at Osiris to pick up cargo and drop it off in the core.

As they approach Sihnon, the Marksman says on the intercom, “If yall have never seen Sihnon, you should go to the observation deck.” The group all heads to the deck and watches their arrival on the beautiful planet of Sihnon in awe.

Mirela feels a very, very faint presence on the observation deck, in addition to the regular crew. She looks over her shoulder and sees Clem standing there, watching, too…. She has never felt Clem’s presence before!

On Sihnon, the group heads out and explores while JB goes to “take care of something.”

On their stroll about town sightseeing, the group is stopped by a very pretty man and his entourage. Turns out that it’s Mirela’s clothes, and that he’s a clothing designer. He gives her a business card and invites her for a fashion consultation at her convenience. He called himself Da Fleur.

The group goes to dinner (low class for Sihnon, high class for the group, heh). They discuss their plans for the evening, when they’re interrupted by BIG exclamations in a foreign language. Turns out it’s a friend of JB named Paolo Foscari. Lots of pleasant time is passed. Also, Paolo is in the fabric trade (among other things) so Mirela finds out what price a design consultant can ask.

The next day (morning), the group heads to The Archive. Turns out that JB has managed to get a pass. Yay! The Prof goes off and looks up newspapers; JB and Mirela find a “helper” (one who would be sympathetic to a story) for JB. Then Mirela heads off to the physical card catalog, and lets Ariel head off to music theory. Mirela looks up Jonathan Cambridge and finds nothing, so then she looks up Cambridge’s company. She doesn’t discover much, but she does discover that they were doing research into “theoretical sciences,” but very few details.

The Prof figures out that the microfiche even have been tampered with! “They” sent someone physically to the archives to change it. A friendly acolyte overhears the Prof muttering to himself and offers his assistance.

Turns out that the monk is aware that Cambridge’s info is missing. The monk escorts the Prof and the group (the Prof grabbed them on his way out) to a private office to speak with Brother Lung.

Mirela senses that Brother Lung is surprised and wary when he is told that the group is looking for information on Cambridge. He chats with the group for a bit and seems to relax, and then he pulls out the remaining actual documents on Cambridge. He tells the group that The Archive was sabotaged. One of the documents is a post office wanted poster on Cambridge. The second is a magazine called “Core Science Monthly” with an article on Cambridge. The third is a newspaper with an article about Cambridge’s treason and crime titled “Londinium’s Treasonous Renaissance Man Vanishes.” And one last thing – a paper that was once shredded and then painstakingly put back together.

In the article regarding his vanishing, it states that Cambridge committed treason by stealing government intellectual and physical property, murder, and a list of other crimes. Counted among those crimes was the kidnapping of his terminally ill daughter.

The magazine has an entire article that is an interview with Cambridge on quantum computing. He is quoted as saying that “a quantum computer could theoretically contain an entire human mind.” .... Clem?

The group tells Brother Lung the rest of the story of Jonathan Cambridge (minus the ghost & the possibility that there’s a quantum computer on their ship). Brother Lung tells the group to tread carefully around Blue Sun and that they’re dangerous.

The meeting is concluded and the group spends the rest of the morning looking things up (Prof on quantum computing, Ariel on music, etc).


Mirela heads out for her meeting with Da Fleur, taking Travis with her. At Da Fleur’s, they wait for about half an hour or so and then they go up to meet him. Da Fleur wants to look at Mirela’s wardrobe, so Travis goes off to fetch it from the ship. While he’s gone, Mirela and Da Fleur visit, and Mirela reads him to make sure that she knows exactly how to compliment and interact with him. When Travis arrives, she tries on a dozen or so of her outfits and models them for Da Fleur while he sketches. Time passes, and time comes to discuss payment. Mirela bumps her asking price up by 20% of what JB’s friend suggested – and Da Fleur pays her 50% more! Whee! He invites her to an opera that evening, she makes sure it’s ok to bring her friends, and accepts.

She and Travis head to the ship and put her clothes and money away, then they head back to The Archive to get the group. They all prepare for the opera.

At the opera, they enjoy the music. Well, except Travis who gets BORED (you mean they sing whole time??). Finally, Travis heads to the restroom. On his way out, he sees a very attractive redhead on her way to the ladies’ room. After she goes in, he notices two goons loitering, so he decides to loiter, too. The goons importune the girl as she comes out. Travis heads over and asks her if she needs an escort to her box. One of the goons tells him to mind his own business, so Travis punches him. Fight!

Travis wins but is hurt (ow!). The girl takes him into the ladies’ bathroom (after he drags the goons’ unconscious bodies into the men’s room) to fix him up. Turns out she was a nurse during the war. After she establishes that he’s in no immediate danger, she takes him to the hospital. Her name is Shaori. They fix him up and he and Shaori leave.

In the car, they chat. Those goons were after her on behalf of a client of hers that “wouldn’t let go,” some dude named Duncan (not that Travis will remember. Plus Travis spills the beans. All of ‘em.

They arrive at the guild hall and in front of her chambers, she looks up at Travis and smiles. “I’ve met a lot of gentlemen that are brutes, but you are the only brute that I’ve met who is a gentleman.” She leads him into her chamber. (Fade to black)

At the opera, an usher comes up and says that their companion Travis has left for the evening with Lady Shaori. The group, during conversation with the others in the box, discover that she’s a registered companion. Huh? Apparently Travis has depths that no one truly understood…. On their way out, they see police & police tape all around the restrooms. One of the cops says something about two victims, one dead and one badly injured. Another cop finds a knife in the flower pot. Was the dead one stabbed? No, blunt trauma from the looks of it. Um, the group scoots out. One of the “victims” is recognized by the cops as a “Mr. Slice.”

The Prof visits Robbie, who has now developed so far as to pet the cat. Then the Prof checks all the computers and stuff to figure out if Clem is a quantum computer. In digging around the wires and stuff, he finds a box with an alpha-numeric code pad. He punches in “Clementine” and “Natalie” but gets no response. He decides to wait until morning and get some help from the others with this.

The next morning, Travis shows back up at the ship in a silk kimono, carrying his clothes, newly cleaned and mended.


Ok, so the group goes back to the panel and it is, according to JB, the beating heart of the ship – connected to the redundant power, etc. JB and the Prof map the wiring while Mirela fools around with the box. She gets it to open by typing in Cambridge’s wife’s name, Audrey. It opens to a display screen and keyboard. The display screen reads “ENTER PASSWORD.” She tries various names and dates and finally looks at their copies of paperwork from The Archive. Ah! Verbena Azure, Audrey’s favorite flower. It works!

DATE (game date -6 years, when the ship was hulled)

DATE (game date -4 years)

Mirela calls everyone and makes a space for the Prof, who plops down in front of the keyboard. When he hits enter, the screen clears and

DATE (game date that the group found and powered up the ship)

The Prof types Y, enter and watches as it powers up. Mirela gets edgy because she senses that Clem is in the room, and Clem’s presence gets stronger and stronger with every tick towards full power.

100% Poof! A perfect hologram, looks solid, and senses real! The hologram, Clem, looks at the group quizzically.

“I think I’ve been dreaming about you….”

Serenity PP 006

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