Serenity PP 003


Best guess on the bomb – it’s a huge EMP bomb. Whew.

Research on the ship – the owner/pilot was Phineas Calloway. FOr a long time it was just him and his daughter. Based on the logs in the medical bay, he was treating his daughter for leukemia. Six years ago (his ship has been adrift for five) the records in the medical bay stop. They conclude that was when she died.

There is also a LOT of mining gear on the ship, indicating that maybe he mined asteroids?

On Paquin (they make it. Yay!)

Prospero’s Pandemonium will disband. :-/ Hera was taken and destroyed by the Reavers. The Annabell Lee is missing and not responding. The Isis didn’t show up to Paquin and is not responding. The Ceres made it, with Mr. Gekko and the Freak Show.

Per Niska’s instructions, Travis was to go to the Gray Goose and wait for his contact to approach him. A person called Crane? So they go to the Gray Goose and wait and wait. Nothing happens, so they all leave for coffee except Travis.

While at coffee, JB goes to talk to a shepherd, and then comes back. Turns out that most of them had some encounter with the… apparition. Travis saw her, JB saw her, Ariel saw her, and Lynx heard her.

Travis comes back – he made contact! The stuff is supposed to come out of his head tomorrow. Whew.

On the ship, they print blueprints of the ship and search it for a body (in case the daughter’s body was not spaced and that’s what’s keeping a restless spirit on the ship).

JB finds out that there are a LOT of redundant systems AND the Clementine is massively EMP shielded. Plus that “nuke” is actually an EMP bomb – you eject it from the ship and set it off, etc.

Lynx brings a (skeptical) shepherd to the ship to exorcise the ghost.

Mirela talks to some gypsies to get advice on the ghost.

Lynx tells Mirela all the stuff she’s learned about Cal that one of Lynx’s contacts found out (Note to Jay: Ask Jeff for all that info).

Also, Lynx learns from her contact that the local Tong has overthrown Niska’s organization on Paquin. Which means that the people that contacted Travis were NOT the right people. Which means that if they work on Travis’s head, it’ll probably explode!

So, we’re going to wave Niska and tell him…. something….


Plan: They leave Paquin (as it’s now hostile) and fly to a nearby planet to make the wave from there rather than from their ship.

En voyage, Mirela encounters the spirit while it is painting in her old art room (AKA now JB’s quarters). The ghost is painting a city scape, clearly a core world city scape. It murmurs to itself, “I always liked that view.” Mirela speaks (Jay doesn’t remember what Mirela said, probably “Uh, Hi”), but the ghost doesn’t respond and the ghost wanders off.

Also, the Clementine gets a recorded wave from a dude (who Lynx identifies as someone who calls himself “Mister Universe”) to Phineas:

“Good to see you back on the grid. I should’ve known a wily
old bastard like you’d get out of that. Well, good news and
bad. Good, the heat’s died down. After so long they’ve
called off their dogs…. Except one. That’s the bad. He
brought in Gray to find you…. And he will. That’s what
he does. Best of luck, er… Phineas. Tell Clem I said Howdy.”

They land on Persephone to wave Niska. Mirela and Travis find a nice, anonymous “internet” cafe. They realize that they don’t have Niska’s number, so Travis looks Niska up in the directory and sure enough, there he is.

Mirela also sees some wanted posters, one of Cal: “Jack Garrett. Wanted for Heinous War Crimes and Loss of Innocent Lives on Ezra”

In the conversation with Niska, Travis is told to return to Niska’s station so his people can remove the stuff. And Travis still owes Niska a favor.

The Plan: Fly to Ezra and send Travis in a shuttle to the station by himself.

Back on Ezra:

Travis is told by Niska that the “favor” will be an exhibition match with another pugilist called The Man Mountain Bates….


There are a few days before the match. Travis is training. Mirela spends time entertaining Ariel (she bought some digital books). Also, Mirela went with the Professor to drum up some work, legitimate preferred. We’re told to find a person called Leng, who can broker deal for us.

Turns out that Leng is one Gerald Leng and he knows/knew the Prof. Turns out that the Prof was in fact actually a professor somewhere (Mirela didn’t ask, the Prof and Leng didn’t volunteer). They visit and play mah jong. Mirela reads Leng to gauge potential threat – no malicious intent.

The group puts $$ on the fight.

Just before the fight, Leng tells the group that he has it down on good authority that Stout (Travis) is going down in the fifth round. But Travis had said that Niska told him that the fight was NOT fixed. Leng is sure his info is correct. He points out a chinese lady he called Mei on the arm of a chinese man and says that’s the person who gave him his info (and info from her is reliably accurate).

The pugilists come out and Mirela starts scanning the crowd. And the fight begins!

Towards the end of round one, Mirela notices the guy with Mei is looking around. She sees him watching the fight, but also scanning the crowd as if looking for someone. His attention focuses…

And the fight continues!

Mirela spots the possible perp in the crowd across the way after some study. After a bit, he “scratches” and pulls out a small-ish electronic device. ACK! He’s going to blow Travis’s head up! Mirela tells the Prof and they head over to the perp, hoofing it!

The fight continues!

The Prof walks up behind the dude and WHACKS! the dude on the wrist so hard he drops the device as his wrist is broken. Mirela dives for the device as the Prof “renders aid” to the dude. As the Prof “helps” the dude, Mirela strips the batteries out of the device. The Prof lets the guy slip off.

The fight continues, and Travis wins! Yay!

While walking back to their seats, the Prof asks for the device from Mirela. She hands it over and they walk to Niska. The Prof tosses the device to one of Niska’s goons and drawls, “If you had wanted to fix the fight in the fifth round, all you would have had to do was ask him.” With that, the Prof and Mirela saunter off to the locker room.

Mirela says in a low voice to the Prof, “I thought you didn’t care about vengeance.”

“I changed my mind.”

As they head to the locker room, they get separated. Someone grabs Mirela by the arm and steers her away a little. It’s CAL! His head is down, he’s wearing a big hat and poncho. He tells her that he was attacked by an old enemy called Jubal. Miranda (Ariel’s mom) is in a hospital on a core world. Cal doesn’t want to bring the rain down on us, too, so he’s keeping a low, low profile. He asks Mirela to keep watching the kid (of course, Mirela says yes), and fades back into the crowd.

Victory dinner on Niska! Travis invites The Man Mountain Bates to join us. Steak! Whee!

At some point, the Prof is talking to Leng, who complains about his bad info and wanting to confront Mei. The Prof advises Leng to keep his distance from her for a while, as she might be on Niska’s bad side.

Back on the ship, Mirela relays the news from Cal….

Serenity PP 003

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