Serenity PP 002


Lynx follows Niska’s goons and listens in, but is only able to catch snippets. On her way out, she sees Cal passed out on the ground. She gets help and they move him to the infirmary. Prof tells Lynx to get Mirela for a blood transfusion.

Eep. Mirela gets pale and shaky but goes. After the blood is drawn irela passes out. Thump! She drifts off to sleep after recovering briefly, but wakes up in the middle of the night with a shriek and a leap off the table. She recovers and goes to her room and sleeps uneasily.

The next morning (mid-morning), Cal comes in and thanks her and then takes Mirela and Lynx to be “tested” by Niska’s men. Neither turned out to be a “match,” and were told they were “ineligible.”

The Prof figures out that they’re doing tests for compatability for an implant. Prof comes up negative, too. When they test Travis, Ding! Positive!

Travis and the Prof go to talk to Prospero. Apparently the carnies killed one of Niska’s couriers, a dude who transported organs and such for him. If they do this one task, Niska says the slate will be clean. So, Travis goes off with Niska’s goons.

Lynx goes to the Prof and asks him what’s up, but he tells her nothing. Cal tells her to ask Travis or Prospero. Arg!

Travis goes to seek Niska (EEP!) who recognizes him as an ex-boxer. Niska tells him that Travis will be transporting “information” that will only be delivered to the specific person. If anyone tampers with it, Travis will die (as in his head will esplode). The receiver will access the data by wireless trnasmission.

Travis is carried to the ship on a gurney, unconscious. He recovers 12 hours or so later. The carnival gets underway but the destination has been changed.

New destination – Paquin.

Lynx as Travis what is up while we’re underway, and Travis spills the beans.

Also, the Prof notices that ALL his data on the reavers is gone – erased, missing, etc

One evening in the black, Lynx comes across two people having sex in the medical bay – Alma and Matthew. EWWWW!!

The Prof finds a bomb in his wall…. Eek!

Minutes later, Prospero makes an announcement that two possibly Reaver ships are tailing the carnival. Mirela reaches out… Fear. Panic. Dispair. Grim determination, all on the ship. Reaches further…. Pure unadulterated RAGE!

JB finds a bomb in the engine room. They do synchronized bomb dismantling.

The Reavers drift slowly past.

Just as Prospero’s shuttle blows up! ACK! Then three more bombs go off.

Mirela goes to look for Ariel (Prospero’s granddaughter). Lynx goes to the bridge to watch the Reavers’ ship and sees a bomb in the observatory. Also she sees a shuttle detach from the Reaver ship. She and JB do another synchronized bomb disarming.

The Reaver ship turns. Then Cal’s ship lights up and flies straight for the Reaver ship and shoots two missiles at it and blows it up! Then the Reaver shuttle attaches and starts cutting in.

Lynx rearms and pops two of the bombs into the Reaver shuttle and runs off as the Reavers pile out of their ship and into ours. Fight! The group wins.

Cal morse codes and says they need to RUN before the other Reaver ship comes. Cal takes off and so do they, blindly, into the black….


In the black. On the drift.

Life support is down. The nav system is down. Communications are down. Jump system is down. JB is working on the ship trying to get the nav system up. And the jump system. And of course life support.

Lynx and Valentine put on suits and go to check Prospero’s shuttle from the outside. Lynx takes parts from the Reaver shuttle to Prospero’s shuttle. She also notices that Prospero’s book (the one he kept in a case but valued – an actual book from Earth That Was) isn’t there.

Mirela, after calming Ariel and such, goes to talk to the carnies and read them to find out if there was an insider among them that helped with the placing of the bombs. Matthew has a secret, but NOT the bombs. Alma has no secrets…. Margie’s brother David is having a fling with Alma (and Alma has no secrets?!).

The Prof is able to get a rough idea of where they are based on the stars and his little personal computer, etc. Travis searches the ship for any other injured carnies and takes them to the sick bay. JB has “fixed” life support and thinks it has about 48 hours in it, so the Prof starts some efficiency efforts. Lynx is working on the nav systems.

Mirela goes to Prospero’s shuttle to collect Ariel’s things and see if there is any information regarding the Niska’s contact they were supposed to meet on Paquin. While she’s there, she notices that Prospero’s book is missing. She also notices a secret panel that hid Prospero’s safe, which is unlocked and empty…. The suit with the shuttle is still there, unused. No information about the contact on Paquin either. She grabs a bottle of wine on her way out.

Lynx, after her space walk, checks Matthew and Alma’s things looking for the book. Nothin. She check’s Valentine’s stuff and finds bits of components that could make a bomb!

Then, a scream!

Travis arrives on the scene: Matthew is lying still on the floor with a knife stuck in his torso. David is standing, staring at Matthew, ashen faced. Alma is staring, shaking.

When David sees Travis he says that Matthew charged him and David reflexively stabbed him. Everyone else arrives on the scene. Mirela checks Matthew. Definitely dead. Travis takes David aside. Mirela takes Alma aside. The Prof(?) gives Alma some Vallium. Alma tells Mirela all about growing up with Matthew, etc. She knew he was violent, etc (but of course she says nothing about sleeping with Matthew). She cries and tells Mirela what happened between Matthew and David. Matthew charged David and then fell down with a knife sticking out of him. She cries some more. “We were just trying to get away from our past!”

But inside, she’s smiling.

Mirela leaves Alma to let the Vallium kick in and Mirela tells Lynx everything. Lynx has told Travis and the Prof about Valentine, too.

Segue to Travis and the Prof. They’ve taken David to his family. Then they go and confront Valentine, who in the scuffle pulls out a knife and a device and says “Want me to drop the knife or push the button and send us all to Hell!?”

He also says, “I wasn’t even supposed to be on this ship when the bombs went off but those gorram Reavers had to screw it all up!!”

Travis tries to talk to him, and then Valentine looks at the Prof and says, “You didn’t just have to save him. You had to put him on display for the whole gorram ‘Verse to see!”

He goes to push the button and the Marksman shoots the device out of his hand and Travis knocks him out.

Back to Lynx and Mirela. They confront Alma and tell her that there are no secrets and that they know about Alma and Matthew and David. Lynx has her gun out to try and intimidate Alma into confessing when Alma, looking at Mirela, asks in this creepy tone, “How did you know?” Lynx senses that Alma knows/suspects something is different about Mirela, so Lynx just ganks her. Mirela and Lynx decide to tell the carnies that Alma killed herself when confronted with people knowing that she manipulated Matthew and David into that deadly fight.

Back to Valentine, who is getting beat up. And BOOM! Another bomb goes off. Ack.

Lynx gets the comm and navigations mostly running and they pick up a locator beacon of a Firefly class ship called Clementine.

On the trip to Clementine, Lynx and Mirela space Alma’s body and go talk to David to explain to him what happened (Mirela does it in a way that is acceptable to him to ease the grief/guilt/etc).

Also, Alma had stolen Prospero’s missing things and stashed them in David’s stuff. They recover the stuff.


They stare at the Clementine, 100 yards away. Their ship is dead in the water (as it were). Then JB comes up with an idea – shoot someone in the Human Cannonball thing at the other ship. They do a test run with sandbags, then Lynx volunteers and gets shot to the other ship. When she lands, she secures her end of the rope and heads to the air lock. Travis pulls himself across, too. Lynx breaks in and goes in. JB follows over, too.

Lynx checks the engine room, then the bridge. JB checks the engine. On the bridge, there’s a dessicated corpse of a man, with a note in its hand: “Please, stranger, watch over my Clementine. Don’t leave her alone in the black. ~P” Lynx starts going through the ship’s log.

JB fiddles with the engine and turns it on. It slowly powers up. One of the monitors says there’s a hull breach in the cargo bay, so Travis goes to check it out. JB goes and repairs the breach from the inside.

Lynx goes and searches all the living quarters.

They fly the Clementine over to the Isis. With some spare parts, JB is able to rig the Isis so it can limp to their original destination (Paquin).

Mirela goes to Prospero’s shuttle for one last time. She collects everything that could be considered memorabilia, heirloom items, or valuables (as well as his good liquor and wines). She puts everything except the alcohol in a chest for Ariel and takes it to her new room on the Clementine. She also moves all the stuff from her room on the Isis to her new room on the Clementine. She puts Ariel to bed (Ariel is sharing her room), and then rests herself.

(On the Clementine – All the PCs plus Ariel, the Marksman, David, and one currently unnamed NPC)

They jump. Destination, Paquin.

Mirela wakes up to someone humming. It’s not Ariel…. she looks over and sees a pretty young woman dressing and humming to herself. Mirela, after a moment, says “Uh… excuse me?” Not seeming to hear her, the young woman walks out of the room through the door. Through the CLOSED door.

Over the next days. The Marksman knows some hidey-holes for Firefly class ships so he looks around and finds some stuff. One of the things he finds is a device of some kind. And it looks like a bomb!

Serenity PP 002

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