Serenity PP 001


Just finished a show off Saint Albans, on their way to Regina (mining planet)

Ship powers down, then the gravity goes whacky. JB fixes it after a while, and they land on Regina and start set up.

Some of them go to town to pass out flyers and such to drum up some business. Lynx picks up some gossip about a train robbery.

Evening opening goes without a hitch. The next day Lynx, Mirela and Shortbread go to the next town and recruit a brother and sister named Matthew and Alma and later an older guy named Valentine to be rowsties, but they tell them that they need to clear employment with Cal.

The evening show goes well but a creepy dude goes to the Prof’s show and shows a LOT of interest in the Prof’s “reaver.” The creepy dude was wearing blue latex gloves….


All goes well and they pack up and head to Ezra. Into the black….

Stuff done on the ship while in transit: relaxing, movie night, practice, etc

One night a BIG fight erupts between the new guy Matthew and Dave (a fire breather, part of the knife throwing family). Travis breaks the fight up and Matthew storms off. Lynx follows and sees Matthew and Alma in a steamy embrace….

So, Lynx and Mirela go to talk to Prospero. Then Mirela quizzes Alma, who doesn’t admit to anything. Mirela chats with Alma for a while to build trust.

The troupe lands on Ezra – Ezra is Niska’s planet (the creepy torture dude!). There is no law, really, on this planet. Rough crowd but most fights are between locals. However, pretty much everyone in the troupe makes sure they are either armed or have some of the rowsties around that are armed.

Lynx sees a group of truly tough guys (which says a lot, since they’re tougher than the average local!), who spot Cal and stare at him.

Then one of them says angrily, “That’s that son of a b!tch from Fort Wachuka!”

Another stares for a moment and then replies, “Well, we’ll just come back tonight and kill him.”


Lynx tells Cal, and asks him what side he was on.

Cal stared at her for a moment and then replied, “Well, we lost.”

Cal tells Lynx to keep an eye on them. Lynx gets Mirela and they wander and finally find them. Mirela picks out and watches the leader. She senses that the leader’s aspect is angry, with an underlying sadness. She also picks out the actual true predators of his crew – a young asian and a huge bruiser – and resolves to steer clear of them.

Cal comes over and says something, but Mirela watches him and slips unconsciously into his memory….

Darkness. Cold. Aching. Hungry. Exhausted. Eyes hurting, slowly open. Metallic taste of blood in my mouth. I’ve been beaten. Long narrow room. Dank, musty, dim. Busted light swings slowly, creaking. Door at the end of the room. Door opens with a sharp squeak and he walks in.

“You killed my family. All that I loved. I am going to make you suffer for as long as you’re alive.”

Sharp pain as he hits me. Acknowledgment. Guilt. Pain.

Cal leaves and Mirela and Travis keep watch. Later Lynx come sup and tells Mirela that Fort Wachuka was an Alliance Prisoner of War camp. Ah. That makes sense.

The group keeps an eye on them and the show winds down.

Then a shot rings out! And fight! Big fight and the group wins.

Cal shoots the downed Alliance man in the head, so JB follows his lead and shoots any of the wounded survivors. One flees and makes it away.

They kickstart the carnival again, and about two hours pass and the carnival winds down again.

A gentleman and his two goons show up and ask to speak with the person in charge of the carnival. A rowsty goes to get Cal. They talk.

The gentleman is overheard to say “I have a message for the owner of this carnival from Mister Niska.”

Serenity PP 001

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