WtA Tom Reardon

Creide's good friend from the force (kinfolk)


Mid-thirties. Dark brown hair, green eyes. Like many people who become police officers, Tom Reardon is a very outgoing, goal driven, and a person who wants to make a difference. Being a police officer wasn’t always on his mind growing up, but by the time he got to college, he knew. During college he met his wife, and now they have three kids. Tom has been on the force for almost fifteen years.

Five years ago, he answered a distress call regarding a domestic dispute, and when he arrived on the scene, it was total chaos. He and his partner exited the vehicle and approached the house. When there was no response but it was clear that there was violence of some sort in progress within the home, Tom and his partner opened the door. After one horrified look, his partner fled the scene in terror, but Tom, while shocked and definitely afraid, stood his ground. At a quick glance, he had appraised and evaluated the threat. There was a nine-foot tall bear (wolf?!) who had torn in half a creature that perhaps once was human, but the mouth was filled with metallic razor sharp teeth and its eyes had been solid black. Its hands (one arm had been flung across the room) were long, literally metallic knife-like talons.

Tom looked past the giant wolf-beast and saw huddled in a corner a woman and her two children. One of the children was bloodied and unconscious but the woman and boy were whimpering in sheer terror. Tom opened fire. The wolf-beast turned its shaggy head and its yellow eyes looked at Tom with glittering intelligence. Tom emptied his clip as it took two lunging steps towards him. Tom backed out the door, and just as he heard the sirens of his back-up arriving, the beast paused, lifted its head and sniffed, then disappeared. Tom quickly stepped inside the house and went to the woman and children, carefully avoiding the torn body, which in keeping with the strangeness of the encounter was slowly changing back into a human male. Dead, of course.

Michael Forbes was the officer first to arrive as Tom’s back up. Knowing that everyone would think him completely insane, Tom kept his report very non-committal but precise. My partner and I responded to a distress call. We heard loud noises from outside the residence, clearly combatative. After no response, we opened the door and saw a large animal in the house. It was clearly carnivorous, possibly a grizzly bear or similar, but due to bad lighting I was unable to determine its exact nature. I fired at the animal but the animal escaped. I was unable to render aid to the male, who was dead at the scene. The woman and children had sustained injuries caused by possibly a knife, but the object was not found at the scene after a cursory search. The woman was hysterical and incoherent and unable to give an account of the situation, as was the male child, aged eight. The female child, aged six, was unconscious. The woman and children were admitted to the hospital for treatment.

The following day, Police Chief Jim Donnelly called Tom into his office, and that’s when Tom’s world had a reality-shift. He easily became friends with Michael Forbes and Sean Fallon, and made friends with the others at the Fianna ceilis. Years later, he arrived on the scene moments before Michael was shot and witnessed his death. He was able to organize the other two (Drew and Rose) and get them out of there before they were killed as well, until more back up arrived. Tom did not know at the time that it was a supernatural encounter, and was told only after Creide had been sent to Ireland days later.

WtA Tom Reardon

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