WtA Rose Devlin

Creide's good friend from the force (kinfolk)


Mid-twenties. Long pale blond hair, clear blue eyes. She is a driven, serious young woman. She grew up in a suburb of New Gotham in the standard American household, with her divorced mother and her older brother. Her mother was never home, always working, and her brother always seemed to be out and about. This led to a lot of solitary time for Rose, and here she discovered the world of books.

In grade school she had only a few friends but was never bothered by it. When she went on to college nothing really changed there either. She decided to go to school and become a doctor, specializing in emergency medicine. Her plan was followed to the letter, facilitated by the full scholarship she received to Cornell University in New York City. She maintained a 4.0, took all the right classes, spent her off time studying to be a paramedic, and got her EMT-B during her sophomore year. She then worked part time as an EMT-B to build a savings while in school, when her goals suddenly shifted her junior year.

She and her partner responded to a call, which, to her shock, led to the home of one of her closest friends. When she and the other paramedic arrived, the police were already all over the place, and two were trying desperately to revive the young woman on the floor. In spite of all their efforts, the young woman was dead at the scene. She had been knifed several times in the torso, thus murder was the clear cause.

During the subsequent months, Rose followed the case with detailed attention, and was dismayed by the lack of follow-through or even mild interest that the police department gave the case. That was when she changed her life plans. She turned her powerful mind to Criminal Justice, determined that this kind of thing would not happen again if she could personally make a difference. She completed her degree and then went to police academy.

She joined the force about the same time as Creide and Drew, and is Tom Reardon’s junior partner. She became friends with the others via the Fianna ceilis shortly after joining the force. She arrived on the scene moments before Michael was shot, and although she was a very talented paramedic, her skills were unable to stabilize Michael. She never knew she was kinfolk until after Creide’s First Change, but when she focused her incredibly sharp attention on Creide’s disappearance, she and Drew were told.

WtA Rose Devlin

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