WtA Sean Fallon

Creide's ex-partner, cop (kinfolk)


Early thirties. Brown hair, blue eyes. He has an absolutely beautiful baritone singing voice, and is very talented with the guitar (in spite of it not being a traditional celtic instrument). Sean grew up knowing he was part of something special. When he was fifteen, his dad actually explained it to him. His grandfather and uncle were both werewolves, and his cousin Jason Delacourt is a werewolf, too. And an aunt down in New York. His dad told him that their family line was a long established one and it was his job to help the werewolves in their family to do theirs. He grew up watching his parents help the family in various ways – at the ceilis with the food, or on patrol while the werewolves finally were able to relax a little.

The first time this fact was driven home to him was on a night of one of the monthly ceilis. They always seemed to take place on the night of the full moon, and it was Sean’s turn to help with a patrol. He had been eighteen for a while now, so when he did patrols he carried a shotgun like the other kinfolk. They usually assigned him and one of the older guys to go out together, and this night it was no different. They headed out with their shotguns slung on their shoulder, the light and music fading as they headed away from the lodge.

Several hours later, while checking on the status of an old shack at one end of the park, Sean was confronted by something he had never seen before. (still thinking of a situation for him. I haven’t solidified my ideas yet. ~J)

When it came time to chose a career, police work was an easy choice. He knew that he would be able to do a lot of good for the family. He met Michael Forbes during high school, and when they recognized each other at the ceilis, it was the beginning of their friendship. He met Tom Reardon on the force, and was part of the group that explained things after Tom saw stuff that Should Not Be and didn’t run screaming like everyone else.

Sean was Creide’s senior partner until the death of his friend Michael. Now he and Drew Neil are partners.

WtA Sean Fallon

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