WtA Drew Neil

Creide's childhood friend, also a cop (kinfolk)


Early to mid twenties. Dark blond hair, gray eyes. Lean and and athletic. When not on duty, he tends to wear jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers. He almost always has a grin on his face and laughter in his eyes. Drew and Creide were virtually inseparable through school. Their parents were friends for as long as they could remember, and they grew up together. He was basically the only person that actually liked her, and they shared a love for dangerous sports.

They started early with crazy stunts on their bikes. Then crazy stunts with their inline skates. Then in their teens, he proposed rock climbing. And base jumping. And street luge. The insanity carried them through college, and yet to the amazement friends and family, they never showed any romantic interest in each other. In both high school and college, his friends would ask him what the heck was up with that. His laughing reply would often be “Uh, dude. Any time I’ve seen her skin, it’s been bruised and bloody from whatever sport we were doing. Nothing sexy about that! Besides, she’s like my sister.”

In college, when Creide suggested police work, he agreed as they headed off to their next fun, adrenaline-filled sport. Drew was Michael Forbes’s junior partner and there at the time of his death. Up until Creide’s First Change, he had been clueless of the existence of werewolves. He had thought the ceilis were all just in good Irish fun.

But when Creide disappeared so soon after Michael’s death without talking to anyone, he started a very thorough and determined investigation of his own, with a lot of help from Rose. Finally, Creide’s dad (with permission from the sept) took them aside and explained a very brief summary of the actual situation. When Creide officially retired from the force, Drew and Sean Fallon were assigned to be partners.

WtA Drew Neil

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